Christian Values - Values for Life

Our Christian Values stem from our core values. These are:

Patch the bear - showing KINDNESS

Percy the monkey - for showing PERSEVERANCE

Hamish the hippo - for showing pride & HAPPINESS n their achievements

Zara the zebra - for showing CREATIVITY.

Leafy the hedgehog - making an impact within the school COMMUNITY.

Each week we have a celebration assembly and we present a soft toy for the children to look after based on the the above values along with a certificate. These value permeate through our school life and act as the focus of our termly Christian Values: these 10 values underpin our thoughts and action each term and we use stories and texts with the children with the help of an "Open the book" team and Gordon Rea's assemblies.

Core Value Year 1 (2019, 2021) Year 2 (2018, 2020)
Introduction The Bible, the school community, staying safe & well-being
Kindness Friendship Trust
Perseverance Service Courage
Happiness Compassion Generosity
Creativity Humility Peace
Community Respect Justice



These can be seen in the illustration below.


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