Our Curriculum

We aspire to develop a love of learning in the children which will last them a lifetime. To this end we set high standards of academic achievement  by providing the children with a wealth of learning opportunities both inside and out of the classroom.

Our curriculum has been reviewed and revised in line with the 2014 National Curriculum and undergoes regular review to ensure that we offer the children the best possible opportunities for their primary education. As we have mixed age classes throughout the school, Class 1 (Reception and Year 1) and Class 2 (Year 2 and Year 3) have a two year rolling programme of topics and areas of study. Class 3 (Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6) has a three year programme.

Our Year 6 children are taught as a separate group for English and Maths to give them the best possible preparation for their secondary education.

For English (including speaking and listening, reading and writing), Maths and Science we ensure that the children are taught the requirements for each year group as a minimum expectation. Where children are exceeding the expectations for their age group we give opportunities to expand and deepen their understanding and, if appropriate both socially and academically, they work with older children in their class. Children’s progress is continually monitored and we do this at the end of each lesson by checking whether the children have achieved the learning objective  and we are currently developing a new assessment system to map children’s achievements and progress  in line with the expectations of the 2014 National Curriculum.

We use the read, write, inc phonics scheme from reception. Children work in small differentiated groups every day until they reach Year 3.

We send topic plans home each term which incorporates curriculum coverage for history, geography, science, PSHE, computing and other subjects. If you would like more information about the curiculum please click on the relevant subjects or see your child's class teacher.