Knex Challenge 2015

The K’nex challenge

Last week, classes 3 and 4 had a surprise on Wednesday morning, when they found boxes of K’nex sitting on their tables, waiting to be constructed into magnificent masterpieces. K’nex is a variety of different coloured rods and connectors that can be used to build almost anything.

In the very first part of the morning the lady who had come to our school, who was called Mrs Kelly (not our teacher), explained what we were going to build and what she was looking for. We spent one hour, working in pairs, solving the problem, which was to create a castle with a moving drawbridge, defences and, if possible, some weaponry.

After one hour, the castles were carefully judged for their sturdiness, creativity and for the cooperation and teamwork that each team showed.

The penultimate step was to evaluate everyone else’s castle, as well as our own and then finally we deconstructed our castles and the winners were announced....

May Mason and Hannah Davey were victorious, with Reuben Day and Thomas Elwes coming a very close second.

It’s clear that everyone had a spectacular time and learned a lot from this experience!