Class 2

The work in Class 2 is based around topics that facilitates cross curricular links, enabling the children to make real connections between their learning. The classroom is a stimulating place to learn with lively displays which both support the children's learning as well as displaying some of the work they have done.

In Year 2 the children continue to develop their phonic skills, continuing to use the  'Letters and Sounds' programme from Class 1. They are encouraged to become independent readers and by the time they are in Year 3, children usually read widely and enthusiastically.

Maths teaching is carefully planned and tailored to the children's needs to ensure that the children make as much progress as possible.

The link below gives an overview of the work being covered in Class 2 in terms 1 & 2

As the children cross from KS1 to KS2 within the same class they make a seamless transition from Infants to Juniors.