The school reports progress to parents formally in three ways:

Parents Evening

In the Autumn and Spring parents have an opportunity to have a 5 minute slot to discuss academic progress and pastoral development with class teachers. It is a crucial meeting to discuss attainment and to focus on targets moving forward.

Written reports

In the summer term you will receive a written report which charts academic attainment and gives a summary of your child’s progress throughout the year. There will be a written report by the child, the class teacher and the headteacher. Written feedback from parents is encouraged.

Grade Cards

From Year 2 your child will also receive a grade card five times a year which shows effort and attainment in reading, writing and maths. The following criteria is used:


A Outstanding

B Works hard

C Makes some effort

D Poor effort


Attainment (for information about the national standard please see the assessment page)

0 Working below the national standard

1 Working towards the expected standard.

2 Working at the expected standard.

3 Working at greater depth.


Parents are always welcome to have an informal conversation with staff at the beginning or end of each day or make an appointment for a longer meeting at a mutually convenient time.