Catchment and Admission Procedures

The Local Authority (LA) sets a planned admission level for the school which is currently ten pupils per annum. The Governors and Headteacher closely monitor the number of children within the school to ensure that each child continues to be provided with the best quality of education.  The factors that affect the number on the roll will change over time but we aim to keep whole school numbers around 70.

The Gloucestershire Local Authority co-ordinates the admission arrangements.

Beyond the planned admission level, applicants will be placed on a waiting list, and will be offered places should a vacancy arise.  Application for admission to classes other than reception (e.g. where a family moves into the area) will be considered by the Headteacher on an individual basis, with every effort being made to accommodate applicants from Coberley, Cowley and Colesbourne.

Parents moving into the district or considering sending their children to the school are most welcome to visit the school and are invited to contact the Headteacher to arrange a mutually convenient time.

A dedicated free school bus runs through the catchment villages.  If there is space available, children from other villages can use the bus by negotiation with the bus company.